About Me

Who I am

My name is Peter Mason.

I am an adult education tutor for the Isle of Wight Council Adult Community Learning service. I teach Functional Skills English and Maths.

I am a graduate of the University of Aberdeen. My degree is in Cultural History. In October 2017, I will begin studying an Access course with the Open University in Science, Technology and Maths. My plan is to go on to study for a BSc in Information Technology.

I am married, and live with my wife, our cat and our new dog in a nice house on the Isle of Wight. I consider myself a very fortunate man.

In case you care about appearances, there is a recent(ish) photo here. I’m the one wearing clothes.

My Interests

I like science fiction, and am a hobby writer, deservedly unpublished.

I am a member of the Labour Party. I am also rabidly antimilitary, environmentally concerned, a vegan for over a year and a vegetarian since I was twenty-one.

I do not follow day-to-day news, but am a subscriber to the London Review of Books.

My use of bicycles gives me pleasure, but also irritation and expense. It is a vital part of our household economy, as well as a part of my commitment to not being too great a burden upon the world.

I am a Linux user, with computers running Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Bunsenlabs and Elementary OS. Although I will probably end up posting about that a fair bit, this is not intended as a blog about computers: there are plenty of those already.