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Letter to Esther McVey MP

The Link above is from Pride’s Purge, a satirical blog that is doing what British media, on the whole, fails to do by looking the sheer evil of the British establishment in the eye. I’ve embedded the letter at the end of this post.

Esther Mcvey is a horrible, Thatcherite corruption profiteer who appears to revel in the hatefulness of her arch-tory positions. Even her wikipedia page is damning from beginning to end, which, given the fact you are free to contribute to your own page, is quite a feat. Try this for a quote:

Out of parliament (2015–17)

In the 2015 general election McVey was defeated by the Labour candidate Margaret Greenwood who gained the Wirral West seat by 417 votes.[27][28]

After losing her seat, McVey took up the post of chair of the British Transport Police Authority from November 2015, on a four-year contract with a three months’ notice requirement. However, 10 days after it was announced that a 2017 general election would take place, McVey resigned the post having been paid between £86,000 and £89,000 in 15 months. Between the elections she also had part-time jobs as a special adviser to two investment firms and a fellowship at the University of Hull.[29]

Her daddy had a building firm that got fat on Tory government policy and that appears to have given her a bullet-proof sense of entitlement and a hatred of the poor and, in particular, the sick, weak and disabled. Disastrously, after Mcvey was handed a safe Tory seat in the 2017 election, Theresa May thought it would be a good idea to give her the job of being in charge of the benefits system. Wikipedia again:

Second term (2017–present)

In April 2017, McVey was selected to succeed George Osborne as the Conservative candidate for the June 2017 general election in his safe seat of Tatton.[30] She was elected, with around the same vote share as Osborne gained in 2015 (58.6%), but with a decreased majority. In a reshuffle prompted by Michael Fallon’s resignation as Secretary of State for Defence in the wake of sexual assault allegations, and in which former Chief Whip Gavin Williamson replaced Fallon and his deputy Julian Smith replaced Williamson, McVey was appointed Deputy Chief Government Whip.

On 8 January 2018, McVey was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.[31] Labour MP Dan Carden said McVey’s appointment, “will put fear in the hearts of the vulnerable and disabled. The last time McVey was at DWP she was rightly ejected from parliament by the voters of Wirral West, not least for her callous attitude to claimants.”[32]

In July 2018 it was revealed by the head of the National Audit Office (NAO) that McVey had misled parliament over the new universal credit scheme by claiming that the NAO report showed that it should be rolled out faster when in fact the report concluded that the roll-out should be paused.[33] She apologised to the House of Commons on 4 July 2018[34][35] amid calls for her resignation.[35] Margaret Greenwood said in Parliament, “The secretary of state should be ashamed that she has been forced to come to this house again. If she misread this report so badly this brings in to question her competence and her judgment. If she did read the report and chose to misrepresent its findings, she has clearly broken the ministerial code. Either way, she should resign.”[36] McVey has admitted that there are problems with Universal Credit. The Guardian wrote, “Tens of thousands of ESA claimants will receive back-payments of £5,000–£20,000 as a result of what MPs have called a series of ‘avoidable’ mistakes. The DWP was warned of the error as early as 2014, but failed to take action until 2017.”[37] Polly Toynbee wrote, “It’s no surprise that a minister who misleads parliament and thumbs her nose at the NAO is even more indifferent to the people who really matter – the millions suffering her department’s infliction of extreme hardship as they are transferred to UC.”[38]

Why don’t you know more about her? Read on:

Personal life

McVey lives in West Kirby, Wirral. McVey has previously been in a relationship with BBC producer Mal Young,[39] as well as former Conservative frontbencher Ed Vaizey[40] and when in London, she formerly shared a flat in Pimlico with Conservative colleague, Philip Davies,[41] with whom she has had a “long time on-and-off romantic interest”[42] and is currently partnered.[1] The house-sharing arrangement ended when McVey lost her first seat at the 2015 general election.[43]

So, she hates poor people, she’s wedded to lies, she’s out for everything she can grab for herself and she has friends in the BBC. She’s the epitome of Tory corruption.

Tom Pride’s satirical letter to her is below.

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