Best Paw Forward For Democracy

DWC goes public service.

These are exciting times in the Labour movement. Theresa May has made a huge tactical blunder and, in seeking a coronation, has united us behind a leader who speaks for the many, not the few. However, it is difficult, in these fractured times, to cut through the chatter, twittering and Tory domination of mainstream media. Labour’s policies are simply the application of modest individual aspirations tied to collective effort: mutual respect, if you like, but they are in danger of being stamped all over by Theresa May’s shoes.

Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Danceswithcats.

So, it is time for voices for Labour to speak up. The fact that I have fewer readers than the UKIP etiquette website does not deter me. If you build it, they will come, or not. However, if you do not build it, you are not doing your best for what you believe in.

In other words, it can’t do any harm, and it might, just might, do some good.

Therefore, today, with as much fanfare as I can squeeze out of an enterprise I have to fit between a hectic work schedule and an easily distracted temperament, I proudly announce the launch of the…

Danceswithcats’ Labour on the Isle of Wight 2017 Information Hub.

Or, DWCLOTIW2017IH, for short.

I’ll give you a moment to calm yourselves.

First the good news:

    • We-the Labour Party-have the best manifesto to be offered to the British people in many decades. And, while the Tories seem to be making up policy on the hoof, we have got the debate focussed on key areas of importance to the British people.
    • We have a great, truly brave leader, who communicates on a personal level to huge numbers of people and has not been cowed by a level of concerted, orchestrated bullying that would have sent any lesser person to their GP in distracted panic.
    • He is also, despite the lies of the media, amazingly popular:

  • We have a cadre of committed, articulate, intelligent, learned, engaging. passionate MPs, who are fighting like mad to deliver a Labour government and save this country from the dribbling capitalist lackeys.
  • We have a truly inspiring local candidate. A man who speaks with the tongues of angels but also with the righteous anger of a  devoted public servant who sees his country being torn apart by a cabal of traitors. He is a candidate who can articulate what it feels like to have struggled on in public service while wages are winnowed down, resources eviscerated and political support for your profession is replaced by obstructive corruption. He can cut through the ‘public mood’ of diversion by divisive distraction and focus on what we need to do make this country fair, safe and self-respecting.
  • Theresa May seems to be a tactical idiot and is looking lost and alone, and her party are panicking.

Now, the bad news:

I can’t put it better than this extraordinary man.


You HAVE to vote in this election because, if you don’t, this may be democracy’s last whistlestop.

Are you in the top 5% of earners? If not, and you vote Tory, you’re voting against your own interests.

Our problem in this country is that the American tactic of divorcing democratic engagement from reality has taken root. “Professional” political marketers have disengaged political debate from reality, tying political argument up in a cloud of abstractions: tribalism, dogwhistle coded racism, confusion over economic and social interests and belonging. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader was so extraordinary because he cut through that, calmly and repeatedly talking about reality: poverty, inequality, the abandonment by the state and the media consumer of disabled people, people with mental illness, impoverished older people, abused children. He pointed out that the fact that you can work sixty hours a week in this country and still not have enough to keep a roof over your family’s heads and food on your table is not some natural state of being, but a manufactured political tactic: class warfare waged by a class wedded to what one commentator characterises as “cheap-labour conservatism“.

The Tories live by plunder. They steal your taxes, your public services, your state provision and your labour, in order to raise more money for the rich.

However, he has had only two years to do his work and has had to struggle against an establishment who thinks intelligent, sincere, honest politics isn’t supposed to happen. He has come through the most appalling abuse, and we are looking more united, more up for the fight than anyone could have predicted even six months ago, but he is fighting very powerful interests, and they have a lot of power: the voice of American capitalism, Murdoch; the privatisation parasite Branson, whose dreams of owning the NHS are close to fruition; the war industry, and the banking industry, in whose interests we have suffered nine years of austerity.

So, the one thing Weak and Wobbly Theresa May has got right so far is that this is a truly important election. As Harry Leslie Smith says,

We live in a time of national emergency, so vote accordingly: your task is to unseat the Tories. Your children and your grandchildren will hold you accountable if you bottle it by voting Tory.

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