Raspberry Pi 4 model B with Geekworm DAC

I bought a cheap Chinese DAC HAT for my music streamer, and found that there were no instructions about putting it together online. With a bit of help from Abby at Geekworm, I’ve figured it out.

This process is, I suspect, too simple to require explanation for most ‘makers’. I, however, was fooled. I thought at first that they had supplied a cheap fibreboard case, instead of the acrylic one promised. Abby managed, very sweetly, to resist saying “Durgh” in her reply to me.

So, see below for how to put one of these things together, just in case, like me, you are a very inexpert maker.

Download the PPT here: https://cloudi.dwccloud.uk/index.php/s/gprBg8RP5MQkzEi