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As I do reviews in batches, the Recent Reading posts tend to be quite long: five reviews can easily extend to seven thousand words, and they’re mixed between SF, non-fiction and broader literary fiction. In the spirit of believing that someone might actually be interested in what I have to say about a particular book, without wanting to wade through my somewhat muddled blog, I thought it would be a good idea to make an index of the books I’ve reviewed so far.  I found a marvelous plugin called TablePress, and the table below is the output. For now, it looks a bit shonky and doesn’t display very well on mobiles, but I shall try to learn how to make it prettier and more responsive and update it as I do. Until I do, viewing it in landscape mode on a mobile helps.

Writing about the books I read is becoming a thing for me: I have settled upon a format and it is helping me to get a little more out of what I read, as well as directing me towards reading in a more conscious manner: less like television, more like active thought. It’s like my own, private Goodreads, without Amazon’s vampiricism, the sales element or the sneering existentialist who has to belittle everyone who reads anything but Kierkegaard’s most obscure papers for leisure. It is useful to me and I am enjoying creating it.

I’m not a literary scholar. I loved English at school, but heard horror stories of people being put off reading for life by studying literature at uni, so I chose other paths of study. I am aware that my reflections are often shallow or miss the point of a book, but I have resisted the urge to go back and edit out my errors so far. Contrary views would be exceedingly welcome: my contact page is here, or there are comments boxes at the end of every post. Even existentialists are welcome.

Index Key

Total JoyLove itNot BadBit of a ChoreOffensive or
Painfully Stupid

Recent Reading Index

The table should be searchable. Click on the column you want to search by and see what happens. The green book icon links to the relevant review.
Author SurnameAuthor Given NameTitleSeriesReview LinkGood, Bad or IndifferentGenre 1Genre 2Genre 3
AndersCharlie JaneAll The Birds In The SkyScience FictionFantasyClimate Change
BannisterAndrewCreation MachineThe Spin TrilogyScience FictionSpace Opera
ButcherJimThe Aeronaut's WindlassThe CInder SpiresFantasySteampunk
ChambersBeckyThe Long Way To A Small, Angry PlanetWayfarersScience FictionSpace Opera
ChambersBeckyA Closed And Common OrbitWayfarersAs for Book 1Science FictionSpace Opera
LeeYoon HarNinefox GambitMachineries Of EmpireScience FictionSpace OperaMilitary
LiuCixinThe Three-Body ProblemThe Three-Body Problem TrilogyScience FictionHard SF
LiuCixinThe Dark ForestThe Three-Body Problem TrilogyAs for Book 1Science FictionHard SF
LiuCixinDeath's EndThe Three-Body Problem TrilogyAs for Book 1Science FictionHard SF
MastaiElanAll Our Wrong TodaysScience FictionLiterary
MathesonRichardI Am LegendSF MasterworksScience FictionApocalypse
MoonElizabethCold WelcomeVatta's PeaceScience FictionSpace OperaMilitary
TrevorBorn A CrimeBiography/AutobiographyPoliticsHistory
NunnsAlexThe Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn's Improbable Path To PowerNon-fictionPolitics
ParrisS. J.Giordano Bruno Thriller Series Books 1-3: Heresy, Prophecy, SacrilegeGiordano BrunoThrillerHistoricalElizabethan
ParrisS. J.TreacheryGiordano BrunoAs for Book 1ThrillerHistoricalElizabethan
TevisWalterMockingbirdScience Fiction
VanceAshleeElon Musk: How the Billionaire Owner of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping Our FutureBiography/AutobiographyBusinessScience/Computer Science
WalkerMartinDeath In The DordogneBruno, Chief of PoliceThrillerCrimeCosy