Danceswithcats’ Labour on the Isle of Wight 2017 Information Hub.

Well, it’s all over for now, but watch this space.

I’m keeping this page up, in skeleton form, because we can expect it to be needed again soon. For now, please consider joining Labour.

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Julian Critchley For The Isle Of Wight

Julian is a superb, lucid, thoughtful and energetic candidate, working extremely hard to provide an alternative to the Tories’ corrupt sense of entitlement on the Island. The County Press seems to have decided to stay out of politics this election, so it’s up to us to make sure people hear about the choices they’re facing.

Clicking on the photo links to the Isle of Wight Labour campaign site.
Julian Critchley: Labour Party Candidate for the Isle of Wight.

Why did I make this page?

Read Julian’s pledges.

There is no road to any progressive development in this country which does not currently run through the Labour Party



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If you get it, and want to have a deeper involvement in this most crucial of political events, consider joining the Labour Party. It feels great!

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Other Sources of Local Labour Party Information

An extraordinarily energetic and focused young man, Will Chase, is our local organizer now. If you want to get involved, and don’t know what to do, email him at williamchase[at]islandlabour[dot]uk.

The main Island Labour General Election Campaign page.

I’m not on Facebook, but the Isle of Wight Labour Party has an active page, maintained by a key member of the constituency party, Stewart Blackmore.