Prostate and digestive tract political comment from Simon Jenkins.

“Pale, stale males are the last group it’s OK to vilify”

All true, so long as you ignore the privilege bit of privilege. White Americans have been portraying themselves as victims in order to own everything and get away with rape and murder for decades. It’s the Mail’s and the Telegraph’s stock in trade to invert identity politics. Now the Guardian is sponsoring it too.

This is beneath ignorant. It’s a sort of sub-basement of political argument that studiously ignores the way the world is structured and derives its material from the writer’s masturbation fantasies. Wank bank column writing.

White men do not suffer racism. They may suffer dislike; they may endure misfortune, but these things are not the same as racism. It is not about merit or fairness, because that balance is already decided in their favour through political, economic and cultural power structures. Racism is a condition of power arrangements. In this worthless article, Jenkins avoids using the ‘R’ word but rehearses all the standard ‘reverse racism’ lies: that they don’t have the same rights of redress to insults as other groups; that ‘if you said it about Jews, Arabs, etc. etc. they’d string you up’; that they are disadvantaged when they apply for jobs because ‘we’ (he admits to being someone who has the power to make these choices) are ‘compelled’ to choose one of those ‘minority’ candidates who, obviously, couldn’t possibly be as worthy as a white male candidate. By the way, if that is such an all-pervasive condition, it’s not working very well, is it? Could it be that people like Jenkins, who guard the gates of privilege, moan about non-existent constraints in order to avoid having to take responsibility for their actions?

I’m somewhat removed from the Guardian. Their fumbling of the movement for democracy within the Labour Party, their choice of siding with embedded, corrupt power and labelling it ‘political reality’ earned my contempt. So, I can’t remember what Simon Jenkin’s position on things is, and I won’t look it up, because I don’t want to give him clicks. However, he clearly doesn’t have the depth of self-reflection to avoid the white-male trap: he’s proving he’s comfortable with Trump’s world. This article of his reminds us just how poor in quality the powerful elite of this country are.

At the end of his article he comes out with the root of his resentment and his empowerment for his resentment: we’ve got the money and we’ve got the power, so even if you don’t like us, fuck you. Well, I’m white, male and fifty in a couple of months and I don’t have money or power and, as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the hegemony of corrupt, self-satisfied twats like Jenkins is broken apart, the better.

And no, it’s not because he’s white.

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