Brexiteers’ Ludicrous Highpoint
Martin Rowson in The Guardian

These are trying times and it is easy to give way to unreason, but I really hope that this is the highpoint of the bigots’ ambitions.

I have tried very hard to be fair about Brexit voters. Someone I love voted that way, so I really don’t want to come to the conclusion that they were deranged idiots, voting for myths rooted in bigotry at the expense of everything that is good about this country, but it has become inescapable.

Yesterday, they got what they really want: a symbolic gesture. They should be happy now but, judging by the troll comments all over news media today, they’re panicking a bit, realising what a bunch of wankers they are looking. The fact that the price of that gesture is 35% of this country’s economy really doesn’t matter to them. As for the fact that what scraps of value are left within the UK will be torn apart by the yanks; they’re okay with that. For them, the US isn’t a predatory imperial power that we’ve only held off by joining together with our neighbours, but Doris Day and Rock Hudson being not gay and reassuring. It’s Elvis and cars with twelve cylinder engines and it’s a country where it’s okay to be a racist and to back up racism with armed murder. The real Brexit identity isn’t a desire for ‘sovereignty’: it’s servility to the Yanks and a desperate search for someone to shit upon.

I fantasised a little this morning about a mass euthanasia of everyone over fifty. I’d be caught up in that, but it would be worth it, if it took away Nigella Silage and his treasonous, wrinkled, dipsomaniac legions. Just clear the detritus and hope that the younger people of this country, who see the world as it is, rather than as Rank News depicted it in the fifties, can rescue something from the disasters of the past few years.

Please note: I don’t really support the mass slaughter of people who vote against my interests. It was just a fantasy. I was allowing myself to be temporarily effected by the tenor of the times. I have regained my reason now, and will continue to campaign for an informed, temperate and decent government to replace the corrupt demagoguery that has us in its grip at the moment.