IOW MP Voted To Legalise Cruelty to Animals

Big rosette. Hates animals.

The Independent has published the list of MPs who voted against retaining Article 19 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU, or Brexit withdrawal bill to you and me) and, yes, predictably, Little Lord Seely, the scion of the Island’s landed gentry who returned to his ancestral dump to claim his birthright at the last election, was all for denying the proven scientific truth of animal sentience.

The government back-tracked on this disastrous vote on Thursday (how they can do that without voting again, I don’t know) after a huge outcry. However, we know what this government’s promises are worth. Just ask the residents of unsafe tower blocks about the promises made after the Grenfell fire, or look at the progress we’ve seen on Teresa May’s promises to address energy bills. The Tories promise what people want to hear and then wait for the pressure to go away. They are professional liars, and I am afraid that our local MP is cut from the same cloth.
He’s a nice enough man in person, but is shaping up to be a crap MP, fixated on his own parliamentary ambition (the rumours are his sights are set on the Foreign Office) and secure in the knowledge that he has a majority of tribal knee-jerk Tory voters to keep him in a job.
And, like the majority of his party, he was happy to vote for a legal change that would clear the way for fox hunters, commercial vivisectionists and ivory traders to turn this country back towards primitivism.
If, like me, you’re an Island resident and you are appalled by this evidence that our MP will vote for a pay rise for Satan if his absurd calamity of a party tells him to, why not write him an email? Just click the green button under his picture at the top of the TheyWorkForYou page. If you’re not on the Island, but your MP is another of the idiots who blindly voted against the retention of proven fact in our law, you can contact them by entering your postcode on this page.

Also, don’t forget to sign the Avaaz petition to the House of Lords and participate in the RSPCA’s campaign to lobby Michael Gove on this matter. Both campaigns are also linked to from my earlier post here. We cannot trust them to do what they say when they are under pressure. We have to keep the pressure up.

My email to Badger-Basher Bob, is below.

Dear Bob Seely,

I realise you voted with your party, but your vote on article 19 of the TFEU is appalling, barbaric and anti-scientific. I had been mixed about you up until now; you’re a Tory, which I don’t like, but you were pleasant enough when I met you during the election campaign. This changes everything.

Animals ARE sentient. To deny it is to declare that commercial and class interests trump facts for you.

What type of MP do you really want to be?

Yours sincerely,

Peter Mason

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