The Tories Have Quietly-and stupidly-Made This An Election About Animal Welfare

Theresa May’s control of her party and its weird, outlying constituencies, is weak. This has been clearest in the way in which she has made tactically stupid concessions to some very nasty groups. Most tellingly, her leaked private promise to a master of hounds to offer a free vote on repealing the ban on hunting with hounds has angered a lot of people. Just as ugly is her promise to the antique-dealing lobby to water down to uselessness the proposed international ban on trading in ivory. In contrast, Labour’s manifesto proposes sweeping and effective new oversight of animal welfare in this country (scroll down to section headed “Animal Welfare”) and international cooperation to improve the human and non-human environment (see the section marked “Diplomacy” for Labour’s commitment to safeguarding the Paris Treaty). If you are disgusted by this and this (WARNING: images of animal suffering), vote Labour.

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