Happy New Year

It’s the last day of the year and, though I am not a great maker of resolutions, I thought I’d post this helpful programme for anyone who has been considering giving up animal-based foods for the New Year. This will be our third year without cow pus in our diets and I have no desire […]

At Last, Jedi

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. I am assuming you’ve seen it and am writing this as a discussion, rather than a recommendation (although I do recommend it, highly). Even though I love Star Wars (even the crap ones), I left it until yesterday, a good couple of weeks after the film’s release, to see The Last Jedi. […]

Happy Christmas

It’s half-past-nine on Christmas Eve, 2017, and we’re still here. The world still lives and breathes. Eight hours ahead of us in the U.S., Donald Trump will be waking up in an hour, all excited about what naughty Santa has brought him, and preparing his tantrum if he hasn’t got what he wants, but we […]

Brexiteers’ Ludicrous Highpoint

These are trying times and it is easy to give way to unreason, but I really hope that this is the highpoint of the bigots’ ambitions. I have tried very hard to be fair about Brexit voters. Someone I love voted that way, so I really don’t want to come to the conclusion that they […]

Things really are as bad as they seem

  I’m sceptical about a lot of the Trump-bashing in the media: his derangement makes the corrupt, warmongering ‘normal’ establishment look good, as the rehabilitation of big-finance, pro-war Hilary Clinton demonstrates. Moreover, while I loath him and everything he purports to stand for, I feel a certain sympathy for his misguided supporters; the sinking, poorly […]