Trailer Failure

Update on 25th February: I am a complete idiot who didn’t know the difference between 130mm and  135mm dropouts, and didn’t read the instructions closely enough to realise that I shouldn’t have been using the spacers or the nut. It’s a great trailer and I will write another post as soon as possible, making it […]

To do

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead. My latest batch of homebrew is ready to bottle, which always makes for a happy couple of hours. It’s been fermenting in the corner of my office, a heatbelt around the bucket, since last Monday, and is no longer generating bubbles on its surface. Update: yes it is, and […]

Going Offroad, On An Impulse.

The weather today has been dull and mild, after a week of bright and sharply cold winter days. It has been a joy to have proper winter weather, with low sun and crisp, frost-covered grass. On Monday, I went out early to pick up some paperwork and got to Ryde by about nine. Usually I […]