The Great Orange Pastiche, Donnish Spats, Interspecies Descent, Terror Law and Asset-Stripped Justice

“…actual politics is about more than that: the power it brings extends well beyond the immediate working environment…”

Except, he concludes, in the reign of the great orange pastiche, it doesn’t. Trump does not understand the forces he is supposed to participate in and does not care. His only tools of government are extemporised pronouncement, self-acclamation and hiring-and-firing. He has reduced government to something less, but we are all, Runciman included, struggling to find the correct image to explain the mess.

To Swim In Unfamiliar Waters, And Emerge Enlightened

ENGLISTAN by Riz MC Being as on-trend as I am doesn’t come easy, and this post is an example of that. Over the last couple of days, I have had an obsessive relationship with a rap album by the actor and rapper Riz Ahmed. For a little while, I thought I had discovered a hidden […]

‘GROUNDSWELL’ Screenings

via ‘GROUNDSWELL’ Screenings On Saturday 6th October, Isle of Wight SaveOurNHS are having a free screening of the film ‘Groundswell’, directed by John Furse. It will be at Quay Arts and will begin at 6pm. John will be answering questions after the screening. A trailer for the film is available to view here and this […]

Remember Me…

It is enough.
I have held the Saviour, the hope of all peoples,
In the warm embrace of my arms.
It is enough.

I have seen him,
My faith has impressed Jesus on my heart;
Now I wish this very day
To depart from here with joy.

Taking Stock In The Season Of Mists

We have had a glorious summer. Going back through the photos on my phone, picture after picture shows a dazzled world: clear blue skies; smiling, tanned friends; sunlight lancing through rich green foliage or glinting, blindingly off sea or lake. Tia, the golden dog, features in many of them, and she, as much as any […]

Realistic Hope For A Better World

Anything I say about this speech would be inadequate. It is sublime. Watch it, read it, remember it. CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, speaking at Labour Party Conference today, said: Chair, Conference, it’s a privilege to be opening this debate on behalf of my good friends Nia Griffith and Kate […]

Thoughts In Conference Week

A few weeks ago, it would have sounded realistic to say that Labour was bogged down in internal process and losing momentum, at least if you only read the Guardian or listened to the BBC. In fact, that has never been the case: the membership figures continue to grow and several of the ‘issues’ on […]

A Polemic About Social Media And Political Campaigning

The sight of large chunks of a socialist party beavering away, providing free labour to create content for a few American monopolist corporations fills me with despair. It is as if the Chartists had had their discussions about citizens’ rights in the tearoom of the House of Lords. In the light of what we know about how Facebook played (or, as they claim, were played, during) the last American presidential election, we should understand that they have worked out how to neutralise justice movements’ energy and commitment. They want to keep you happy, yes; that is why there are cat videos, but angry people click as well, and division is incredibly easy to sow, if you know where to lay the seeds, and you own the field.

Tory In The Raw

Letter to Esther McVey MP The Link above is from Pride’s Purge, a satirical blog that is doing what British media, on the whole, fails to do by looking the sheer evil of the British establishment in the eye. I’ve embedded the letter at the end of this post. Esther Mcvey is a horrible, Thatcherite […]

Rule By Thieves

I’ve subscribed to The Washington Post for the last couple of months and, on the day of Paul Manafort’s conviction and Michael Cohen’s confessions, it has paid off. Do not believe that Trump is unassailable: his poll numbers are at least 10 points below what a president with current employment figures and a bull market […]