An End to Peace

We have a dog. The cat is not amused and I am bewildered, but Amanda wanted one, researched the whole process and procured Tia, a Cypriot refugee, from a rescue charity. She is a sort of miniature labrador, spaniel-sized and very hectic, but gentle and sweet-natured with it. My cat lover’s heart has been somewhat […]

Paradise On Our Doorstep

My sister, Charlotte, and Amanda’s friend, Marny, stayed with us this weekend, arriving on Friday night and leaving this morning, Sunday. Beside the pleasure of a couple of drunken suppers in the company of three intelligent, amazing women, I was reminded by their visit just how lucky I am to live on the Isle of […]

Fools At Play

While this article, by Nick Cohen, nicely lays out the horror of having a belligerent, pasty moron in charge of a nuclear arsenal, it wasn’t as helpful as Bruce Cuming’s summary of why North Korea is as defiant of “international will” as it is. Whenever we are asked to blindly see a people as an enemy […]

Recent Reading May to July

Over a hectic couple of months, with quite a few distractions, I have managed to read several books, some exceptional, some less so. It’s amazing to me how the time has flown since my last reading post. Some of the novels I’ve read have already slipped into what feels like dim memory, yet they were […]

Joy to Odium

Unfortunately, the videos to which I’ve linked in this post seem impossible to embed on WordPress and, anyway, they will disappear after a month, but I wanted to share them, because they are beautiful. I recommend clicking on the links. The First Night of the Proms was spectacular. I listened to it while writing yesterday, […]

The Height of Summer!

It’s Proms season again, and all my anxieties about my Britishness and the chaos into which we seem to be sliding are soothed by the presence in the media of reviews of serious music, and the pleasure being derived from it. The Guardian this morning led with a hate piece about the deatheater Blair declaring […]