Censored by Guido Fawkes

Here’s an interesting experience. I have been edited for, I assume, expressing a contrary opinion on the Guido Fawkes website. Guido Fawkes is a ‘libertarian’, nationalist, right-wing blog serving the world view of embittered middle-aged failures, and I wouldn’t normally want it on my search history, but it has been the outlet for whoever has […]

Notes To A Young Scholar

True Knowledge Requires Both Consensus and Disagreement. Hi Maya, It was lovely to see you last night and blurt at you about a really interesting question. I particularly enjoyed being laughed at by three amazing women whom I love. I deserved to be mocked, however: in the middle of the night I realised, to my […]

None Shall Pass

I am gradually coming to terms with dog-ownership.  I still struggle with the presence of a restless and demanding animal in the house and her talent for destruction. This afternoon, for instance, she has eaten the lace on my new pair of vegan boots, for which I have saved for some time. Nevertheless, on the […]

Under The Hammer

I need to take stock. I’m not sure I really have the time to maintain this blog anymore. The part of it that matters to me most, the book reviews, take a day to write, at least, and, lately, a spare day has not been available. Work, like a noxious gas, expands to fill all […]


It’s a work morning, grey and depressing. Idly clicking on The Guardian for a moment’s distraction before I looked over my teaching notes for the day, I saw this. I haven’t time to write anything more about it, but a dull Tuesday has taken on a more beautiful and exciting hue.

Must Be Expensive. Very.

Spoilers throughout. Seriously, shitloads of them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Amanda and I saw Bladerunner 2049 last night, in a large cinema in which we were two of only three viewers, a fact that might be explained by the price of £12.20 per ticket, or by the possibility that word of mouth is […]

It’s Artificial? Of Course It Is.

It’s a measure of how busy I have been over the last few months, and how my media consumption has been restricted, that I hadn’t known that Hollywood has made a Bladerunner sequel. I only discovered it from reading my parents’ Telegraph last Saturday, when I was visiting: my father has been ill again, and […]