Fools At Play

While this article, by Nick Cohen, nicely lays out the horror of having a belligerent, pasty moron in charge of a nuclear arsenal, it wasn’t as helpful as Bruce Cuming’s summary of why North Korea is as defiant of “international will” as it is. Whenever we are asked to blindly see a people as an enemy […]

Footsore But Hopeful, Despite So Much Horror.

We went to the People’s Assembly March in London on Saturday and had a great time. So many people, so many conversations: it was like an ambulatory night in the world’s friendliest pub without the booze. I have, at last, heard Jeremy Corbyn speak live, and it was a belter, but we also heard Diane […]


This morning I deactivated my Twitter account. I feel strange. I have only been using it regularly for a couple of months. I set up my account in 2015, so that I could keep up with the rapid and exciting changes within the Labour Party. Then Facebook took over, and I largely ignored it. After […]

Labour’s Promise To Disabled People

Nothing about you without you I don’t normally do simple link posts, but this article is so good, I can’t improve upon it.

Best Comment on Last Night’s Circus I’ve seen

She hadn’t changed her policy on anything because what was in the manifesto was never intended to be policy. It was just a series of vague talking points. And when sometime after the election she had decided what was best for everyone, she would let the country know.