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About Me

I had visions of creating a portal for my deepest thoughts and unleashing upon the world blinding insights expressed in breathless prose, but all that takes time and care, and I have two jobs and several hobbies. I began this blog in October 2016, and after a couple of months, it settled into a notes journal, which was fine, but probably not terribly interesting for the casual viewer. Since then, I have averaged a couple of posts per month and a few themes have emerged, hence the icons in the table above, linking to particular categories. If you do want to have a look around, please feel free, and you are welcome to comment, subscribe or send me a message through the contact page.

I have written a couple of longer posts, although I have skimped on the editing, so they may not be that well sequenced or coherent. The most significant is about my veganism. It is six and a half thousand words and rambles between personal history, environmentalism, economics and moral philosophy. It also, unfortunately, contains descriptions of animal cruelty, as I worked in agriculture when I left school. Anyone who finishes it gets a free crudités and dips plate.